Published Works

The following is a list of my published works.

Anderson County Year Vol 1Anderson County: A Year in the Life Volume I: January – June (2016): What happens when you look at the history of a location one day at a time? That is what historian and author Brian Scott wanted to learn so he took a look at his own hometown for the answer. Anderson County: A Year in the Life chronicles the events of a rural county in South Carolina. From the treaty that established its borders, to the dedication of courthouses and the execution of criminals, Anderson has seen it all. Murders, suicides, and arsonists. Fairs, parades, and galas. Here are over one hundred stories, one for each day from January 1 to June 30 that tell the story of Anderson County: A Year in the Life. Also available in a hardcover edition.

But Do You RecallBut Do You Recall? 25 Days of Christmas Carols and the Stories Behind Them (2015): No other holiday is represented in song like Christmas. In But Do You Recall?, author and historian Brian Scott takes a look at the history behind twenty-five of the best known Christmas carols. Organized into twenty-five chapters, the book is designed to be read a chapter a day from December 1 through December 25. Make the lessons in But Do You Recall? part of your family’s Christmas tradition.

History Happened HereHistory Happened Here: South Carolina’s Roadside Historical Markers (2015): In 1998, the South Carolina Department of Archives and History published a guide to the state’s historical markers. At that time, there were approximately 800 markers in the state. History Happened Here: South Carolina’s Roadside Historical Markers is the first time a print listing has been completed since 1998. Author and historian Brian Scott has documented 1,446 markers in the South Carolina roadside marker system, this book includes the text, title, GPS coordinates, and all of the other information needed to locate each marker in South Carolina.

Old Silver Brook Vol 1Old Silver Brook Obituaries Volume I 1866-1899 (2016): This volume collects the obituaries published from 1866 to 1899 for people buried in Old Silver Brook Cemetery, the first municipal cemetery in Anderson, South Carolina.